What We Do



  1.  Mass awareness campaign

  2.   Awareness about professional diseases & there prevention.

  3.   Screening programs & awareness camps on commonly prevailing diseases.

  4.   Steps towards the cultural up gradation

  5.   Sensitizing the people towards the safe drinking water development.

  6.   SHG Promotion & linkages

  7.   Competition among the school students for popularization of health science

  8.   Free computer training

  9.   Pre education to the children about health & emergencies

  10.   Training to the adolescent and youths

  11.   Vocational training to the sc, st, and the rural youths.

  12.   Eradication of child labour.

  13.   Health education and health camp.

  14.   Sensitizing the people on HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cardiac disease.