Awards & Accolades


SURENDRA HOSPITAL prides itself at its unflinching dedication towards delivering quality health care at an affordable cost to all. To achieve this we have set exacting benchmarks for ourselves, whether in technology, services, infrastructure or in the experienced medical fraternity we employ. We have also chosen to integrate hospital and clinical care with research and education, adding to it our unparalleled human and humane touch.

Our true reward lies in the smiling faces which have benefited from SURENDRA HOSPITAL, and those who place their trust, hope and lives in our hands. It is indeed heartening when our hard work is recognized and appreciated through meritorious awards and the accolades we have received over the years. The list is long, the milestones are many, but we are happy to share some of these with you…

  1.   Indian achivers Award for health Exellency By (Indian Achievers forum)

  2.   National Health Exellency Award By (Economic Development Forum)

  3.   Bharatya chikitsa Samman Puraskar BY (all india bussiness community foundation)

  4.   Lifetime Health Achivement Award By (Economic Growth Society Of India)

  5.   Vikas ratna Shiromani Award By(Society Of friendship &National Unity)